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We inspire and equip to transform

We are a leadership and personal development company with an obsession to help organisations and individuals to deliberately maximise their capabilities and potential. We help you to identify and pursue priority transformative action, to consistently enhance your value and to achieve your highest potential through leadership, personal growth and corporate life enrichment solutions. We are on a mission to improve the world of work through democratising leadership, building truly empowered teams and standout individuals.

We believe that leadership is a gift that everyone can appropriate with the right support, opportunity and training. We skill up individuals to lead effectively whatever level they are at. We help organisations to upgrade their leadership culture, practice and execution. We enable you protect the future of your organisation by developing a strong pipeline of leaders and increasing the effectiveness of those in positions of authority.

We believe employees are the heartbeat of any organisation; yet too many workplaces underutilise their talent. We help you build a culture of participation and of trust where staff have room to lead and to achieve exceptional results. We coach employees to be entrepreneurial, to make their value visible, to take ownership for elevating their own performance and contribute fully to creating a place they can thrive in.
Career development

Whether as an individual or organisation, if you don’t grow, you’ll wither away. We work with individuals to develop skills to live their strongest professional lives and to find their unique place in propagating the success of organisations they are part of. We help individuals to consciously develop impactful careers and support organisations to create environments where people are able to expand themselves and to do fulfilling work.


We believe the mind is the gateway to success. If you can’t master your mind, you’ll go nowhere. We help you cultivate an accomplishment mindset, a mentality critical for identifying and executing what really matters.We teach individuals how to set bold goals and achieve them. We help organisations to become positively focussed places where people can rise to new peaks.


We provide our expertise through training, consulting, coaching, events and products. If you would like to benefit from the strength of our experience and innovative approaches to achieve more for yourself, your team or organisation, please contact us via info@excellicaleadershipgroup.com

About Us

We are committed to enabling leadership excellence and the pursuit of one’s personal best as a daily discipline and way of being for individuals and organisations. We target particularly groups and themes where success holds the most potential to reinvent workplaces and to elevate the quality of people’s working lifestyles and the success they yield.


We stimulate to enrich
We mentor to build
We optimize to amplify
We enhance to elevate


Uplevelling careering
Expanding potential
Excellifying workplaces
Democratizing leadership
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