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Our offer supports workplaces to evolve into safer, productive communities where everyone can identify exactly where they can excel and do their best.Our approach equips you to get rid of blockages, harness individual and collective strengths to accelerate achievement of goals. We help you do this through the following offerings:


More than ever before, the task of creating engaged and committed employees is vital to organizational success. We help you untangle and address sticky people issues and dilemmas. We enable you to bring out the best in people, reset and refresh your workplace by:
  • • Minimising toxic and time wasting ‘’drama’’ in your workplace
  • • Removing excuses and cultivating positive behaviours and values
  • • Removing obstacles and passive aggressive setbacks that block progress
  • • Conditioning the organization for excellence and for stronger impact.

    We provide a range of leadership development programmes aimed at shoring up leadership at all levels and positioning organizations and leaders to be effective. Our offering includes:
  • Leading without title: In line with our “lead wherever you are’’ approach, we enable you to equip everyone to find the leader within them and to have opportunity to lead. This will help whole organization align, perform better and succeed together.
  • Team leadership: We coach team leaders how to turn capability into performance. We enhance team leaders’ ability to jump-start new team s, to breathe new life into existing teams and to develop approaches that unlock human potential and accelerate success.
  • BIG leadership: No one wants to be led by someone who does not inspire confidence in their ability to lead or who doesn’t care about the m. As an executive leader, we teach you how to lead in a Bold, Inspiring and Gracious way to achieve meaningful results.
  • Emerging leaders: Supports high potentials who want to grow into leaders, embrace more responsibility and to hone executive skills.

    Managers are linchpins in any organization and need to be top of their game. We help managers to manage in a robust, empowering and accountable way. Our flagship offers are:
  • The Effective Manager: We help managers manage with courage, to confidently make difficult calls, to make prompt high quality decisions, make robust execution the new norm and to get everyone focusing their energies towards what the organization needs.
  • The First time manager: Poor managers are costly to any organisation. We train and coach first time managers or those in line to become managers how to acquire the mindset and skill set to do an effective job and achieve sustainable success.
  • The Empowered Middle Manager: Middle managers often feel ignored and powerless despite being well positioned between top management and the frontline to exercise positive influence on leaders and employees. We train and coach middle managers to leverage this positioning and to be able to hold their own.

    Sometimes the best way to develop, stretch and expand is through individual coaching. Our coaching brings a personal focus to challenges experienced in real time and helps individuals accelerate their performance and become better. Our coaching is ideal for:
  • • Leaders who want to enhance their leadership and be more effective
  • • Middle managers who want to increase their influence and impact
  • • High potential individuals who want to translate their talent into action
  • If you want an effective partner to help you inspire higher productivity, tackle challenges with confidence or if you would like further information please contact us via info@excellicaleadershipgroup.com .
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